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The growing demand for the screen protector in smartphones, including premium products such as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note series is estimated to tremendously boost market growth.


Furthermore, repurchase of the screen protectors during the life of the smartphone will stimulate market demand.


Smartphones are used by an enormous number of people around the globe. Their rising usage have led to the development of various additional products which enhance the overall functioning of the smartphone device. One such product is the smartphone screen protector which, as the name suggests, protects the mobile phone screen from scratches and related damage. 

Different types of smartphone screen protectors offer different functions beyond protection from scratches. The ultra-clear smartphone screen guard is “glass like” and transparent with no clarity loss, thereby providing a perfect view. Scratch-resistant covers, UV protection, and backing of a non-resinous silicone are the salient features of an ultra-clear screen protector. The anti-glare smartphone screen shield, on the other hand, is beneficial to those who often use their devices outdoors. These are equipped with anti-reflective coating (AR) which eliminates the reflection of light. Some anti-glare screen protectors also provide anti-fingerprint covering.

The privacy variety shields the user’s information from others while s/he happens to be looking at it. Text and images are only visible when seen from a straight angle – when viewed from any other direction, the screen appears black. Mirror smartphone screen shields are yet another type of smartphone screen protectors that are useful and attractive, as they entirely transform the screen into glass when it is not being used.

As you may know, the World Health Organisation recommends precautions such as hands free devices to minimise phone radiation exposure. Disturbing when you know that up to 60% of your mobile phone’s radiation is absorbed into your head. Furthermore, many scientists have reported adverse health effects of using mobile phones including changes in brain activity, reaction times, body heat and loss in fertility.

Locapresse offers a simple, unique smartphone protective film technology that protects you from up to 90% of EMF radiations. Wave Screen Shield, with a ultra thin film of 70 microns, protects you from electro magnetic waves and also protects your screen from UVs.


Locapresse, based in France and specialized in hi-tech products and innovative technologies, aims to be a leader in the emerging market of biological protection accessories to be used with electronic devices.

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LOCAPRESSE, based in France, specializes in innovative biological protection technologies (EMF) against electromagnetic waves, in collaboration with certified organizations and laboratories, in order to design ranges of products that are both simple to use and effective.